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Production of football Photoshop 7.0

Many books have been introduced using Photoshop to create ways of football, but making a lot of friends still can not grasp the essence of football way. Photoshop7.0 inception, using its powerful filters can make a lot of the wonderful effects, the author here to help make soccer examples to highlight some of the most commonly used PS in several commonly used filters and techniques, hope that we can TELL, create more beautiful drawings. (For the convenience of readers, authors used the Photoshop7.01 English Version)

Effect diagram in this case are as follows:

To facilitate the learning of everyone, please click here to download the PSD source files.

1. Create a file (shortcut key: Ctrl + N), named "Football", width 400 pixels, height is 400 pixels, RGB mode, the background choose "white." Click the "good" to create a new file.

2. In the diagram level version of clicking on the "Create a new layer" button, create a new layer, name it automatically to "Layer 1." In order to better position the next step, we use "reference line" to locate, press the shortcut key Ctrl + R bring up scale bar, scale bar and then right click and select "pixels" to conduct accurate positioning. Then were from the top, and the scale bar on the left hold the left mouse button, respectively horizontal, vertical reference line onto two 200-pixel, to form a canvas for Submission to the center line of cross-reference, Figure 1:

Figure 01

3. Sure to select "Layer 1" in the toolbar, select the "Polygon Tool" and then confirmed in the above tool options bar select the "Fill Pixels" button, and the "edge" set to 5 pixels . Press shortcut keys D, foreground and background color will be restored to the default black and white, then the intersection of reference line as a starting point, draw a 5-sided polygon graphics. (As much as possible about the 5-gon symmetry), shown in Figure 2:

Figure 02

4. In the Layers panel will be "layer 1" pulled "to create a new layer" button, copy the same as the other layers, the system automatically named "Layer 1 copy." Then confirmed select "Layer 1 copy" shortcut keys Ctrl + T shape of the free transform patterns, the 5-gon click right mouse button, select the "vertical flip", then Enter, we can see "layers a copy of the "5 of the polygon has been vertically flipped. Then hold down the Shift key, will turn 5 after the top edge shaped vertical drag, angular distance of about 5 circumscribed circle of radius spacing. Figure 3:

Figure 03

5. In the toolbar select the "Line tool" in the tool options bar will line thickness set to 2 pixels, then two 5-gon vertex closest to connect with straight lines. And then press Ctrl + T to do free transform, free transform to move the center of the intersection of two reference lines in the tool options bar to rotate images 72 degrees, as shown in Figure 4:


Figure 04

6. Photoshop7.0, there is a "smart copy" feature is done on the image after free transform, you can use shortcut keys Ctrl + Shift + Alt + T to transform the operation of a free copy down the transformation graph like, and transformed the resulting image on another to generate a layer. In this case, in our last step of the image was rotated by 72 degrees of transformation, so only the continuous press Ctrl + Shift + Alt + T 4 times to be the center pentagon of five vertices to connect all the better, connected The graphics shown in Figure 5:

Figure 05

7. To all sides with a 5-shaped pattern of all the link layer and merge into a layer and name it "football logo", select "line tool", line thickness set to 2 pixels, will be around 5 5 closest polygon vertices connected with straight lines, connected to the image shown in Figure 6:

Figure 06

8. In the toolbar select the "Elliptical Marquee Tool", hold down Alt + Shift and hold to the intersection of reference line as a starting point to pull out a circle, radius about equal to five 5-polygon outer tangential circle radius. Shown in Figure 7:

Figure 07

9. Select the menu "Edit - Stroke" in the pop-up to the "Stroke" box set will set a pixel width, color choices black, location, select "center", click the "good" confirmation Stroke operation. Stroke effect after the image shown in Figure 8:

Figure 8

10. Click the menu "filter - distort - sphere" and the implementation of the spherical image of filter operation, in the pop-up "sphere" of setting box to the "quantity" box set to 100%, after the effect of spherical shown in Figure 9. Do not cancel this step operation constituency, go to "select - Storage constituency," pop "store constituency" dialog box, in the Name box enter "soccer pattern constituency."

Figure 09


11. Switch to the "channel" panel up, verify that the "red" channel, and then pull the bottom of the channel "Create new channel" button on the copy of a new channel, the system automatically named as "red copy of the" channel, we will on this channel three-dimensional operation. Select the menu "Filter - Fuzzy - Gaussian blur", open the "Gaussian blur" setting box, the fuzzy radius is set to 8 pixels, as shown in Figure 10:

Figure 10

12. And then click "filter - the style of - relief effect", the pop-up "relief effect" dialog box, as shown in Figure 11, set up the parameters, the implementation of relief operations is the result of the filter shown in Figure 12:

Figure 11

Figure 12

13. Click the menu "Image - Adjustment - Levels", pop-up "Levels" dialog box, and then in the lower right corner of the dialog box click on "Set the black market" button, and then black-market document to move up select the image in the gray pattern The section, click the "good" channel images shown in Figure 13:

Figure 13

14. Hold down the Ctrl key click on the "red copy of the" channel, select the white part of the pattern, return to the Layers panel, verify that "football logo" layer, then click the menu "Image - Adjustment - Brightness / Contrast" , pop-up "brightness / contrast", the brightness to +52, the contrast to +62, click on the "good" completion of the brightness and contrast adjustments. Adjusted image shown in Figure 14:

Figure 14

15. Deselect (shortcut Ctrl + D), in the Layers panel to create a new layer, the system automatically named "Layer 1", select the menu "options - marquee" in the pop-up "marquee" dialog box "channel" column select the storage of the constituency just "football pattern constituency", OK, and then pressing the shortcut keys Ctrl + Delete to fill the white area selected, then "Layer 1" pulled "football logo" layer below the , will link the two layers and merge into one layer, named "football." Shown in Figure 15:


Figure 15

16. Sure to select "soccer" layer, use the "magic wand" tool to all the football on the white area selected, is hold down the Shift keys. Then switch to the access panel, select the "red" channel and pull the bottom of the "Create new channel" button, copy the other channel, the system automatically named as "red copy of the 2" channel. Figure 16:

Figure 16

17. Then "red copy of the 2" embossed channel, select the menu "Filter - stylized - relief effect", angle of 135 degrees, height to 15 pixels, the number was 80%, set the channel after the image effects as shown in 5 Figure 17:

Figure 17

18. Then click the menu "Image - Adjustment - Levels", a "Levels" dialog box, select the bottom right corner of the "black market set up" button, click on the gray image area, we can see the gray area is the black market alternative, as shown in Figure 18:

Figure 18

19. Hold down the Ctrl key click on the "red copy of the" channel, load the channel to do the white part of the constituency, and then switch to the Layers panel, verify that "football" layer. Click the menu "Image - Adjustment - Brightness / Contrast" and will transfer to -42 brightness, contrast adjusted to -39 to determine the effect after the image shown in Figure 19:

Figure 19

20. Deselect. Thus, the basic effect soccer has been almost completed, we will be following football for color and other details of the deal. Back to the Layers panel, verify that "football" layer, click on the panel below the "Create new fill or adjustment layer" button, select "Hue / Saturation", pop-up "Hue / Saturation" dialog box, select in the lower right of the "color" check box, on the football to color. Here you can set any color you like football, or reference to the author's settings also work, as shown in Figure 20, the "Hue / Saturation" of the parameters, Figure 21 to adjust the hue / saturation effect after the image:


Figure 20

Figure 21

21. Attentive friend must have been found in the layer panel has more than a "Hue / Saturation" of the mask layer, this is our 21 steps to take to create a new fill or adjustment layer's intentions, thus avoiding direct on the "football" layer modification, destruction of the original image layer. Have the advantage that if the "Hue / Saturation" to modify, then double click the mask layer only can be modified.

22. The real football is not very smooth, so we can use "variegated" variegated up filters to deal with Dian is the true soccer look. Recognized in the Layers panel select the "football" layer, click on "Filter - variegated - Add variegated" pop "Add variegated" dialog box, in the "quantity" dialog box to set the number of variegated 7%, a "Gaussian distribution", is confirmed as shown in Figure 22 image effects:

Figure 22

23. The last step we add a shadow effect for the football, click the bottom left of the Layers Panel "Add layer style" button, select the "projection" option, Layer Style dialog box pops up, set the parameters of the specific projection, see Figure 23 shows:

Figure 23

24. At this point, our football will have all finished, and if you are the final results of Figure 24 is still not satisfied, you can add some variegated, light effects and so on up, it looks more realistically.

Figure 24

In fact, not difficult to make football important that a few key steps and techniques, such as the use of reference lines, smart copy, sphere of effectiveness, the use of Channel's sophistication, color adjustments, Gaussian blur, add effects and miscellaneous relief color filter operation, etc., these skills do not seem complicated, but the point to achieve with ease we also need lots of imitation, practice makes perfect.

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